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Cogito Minds partners with TFI MUN 2015

Cogito Minds partners with TFI MUN 2015

MUN is a great platform to learn leadership skills which can be developed by any child given the right opportunities. Cogito Minds has reached out to underprivileged children through Teach For India.

Cogito Minds is proud to be the Knowledge Partner for Teach For India MUN (TFI MUN) Conference 2015. As part of this partnership, we have:

  • Provided MUN training to TFI fellows in Mumbai and Pune
  • Conducted MUN training sessions for 250 children across Mumbai and Pune
  • Conducted Mock sessions to help the students practice and sharpen their delegate skills
  • Provided substantive content in terms of study guides
  • Chaired three committees with highly experienced, qualified and trained students of Cogito Minds MUN Club, giving the TFI students an experience of a high quality MUN.

Cogito Minds affiliation with TFI started in Feb 2014. Cogito Minds conducted training and mock sessions for Pune TFI students participating in the TFI MUN 2014 Conference. Two Cogito students also Chaired at the final conference that took place in Mumbai.

To provide an opportunity to TFI students to take part in other MUN conference, we invited TFI students to participate in our own MUN Conference which took place in December 2014. About 20% of the delegates were TFI students.